The Decca SXL Series

This label produced the SXL series which are now among the most collectable of classical records. These are stereo records and are identified by the letters SXL followed by a 4 digit number – eg. SXL 2020. The catalogue numbers can be found on the record itself and on the record sleeve, on the rear top right hand corner. Worth between £5 & £2000 for very rare items.

The value of these records varies enormously, but generally they are worth between £5 – £100, more for the rarer ones – eg. SXL 2020 ‘Espana!’ conducted by Argenta which currently sells for £150. Later pressings of this series are not worth nearly as much and in most cases it is only the original pressings that are highly sought after. Look at the label to the left. This is known as the ‘wide band’ label because of the thick silver band that runs across the label. There are 3 variations in this label. Later pressings, called “narrow band” have a thinner silver band.


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