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Classical Records Wanted – we travel the whole country

Sell us your classical records LP collection for cash instantly! We can travel to view the classical LP record collection that you are selling as long as we are able to be fairly certain that we will not be wasting both our time and yours. If you have made a list of your classical vinyl (sometimes a laborious process!) then we will be able to see from that if you have any valuable classical records. Often we can can make a rough assessment over the phone. If your collection runs into several thousand classical LP records then we would certainly come to view them. If only a few hundred then it would be best to speak to us and talk it through. However, sometimes small classical vinyl LP collections that are well looked after can be very interesting indeed and contain many valuable records. You can phone or email us and we will respond as promptly as we can. (Please see the “contact’ page for our email and telephone numbers.)

In principle I am interested in any classical vinyl LPs so long as they are in excellent condition.

Other labels that may be of interest are: Argo, L’Oiseau-lyre, Capitol, Chandos, Ace of Diamonds, Decca Head (Decca’s contemporary music label), Fontana, Harmonia Mundi (mainly an early music label),  Lyrita, Telarc, Vox, Unicorn, Ducretet Thomson, Brunswick, Parlophone, Pathe…and classical records wanted on many other minor labels. We do buy selected 78rpm records but we are very choosy.

What price can you expect to get for your collection?

I first started in this business many years ago by scouting for another dealer. He offered me one third of his catalogue price for the records that I found. Eventually I managed to find a dealer who would pay more (this was very hard!) and this is the payment scale that I now use. This is as follows:

Records of £10 – £30 value I will pay one third.

Records of £30 – £50 value I will pay 40%

Over £50 I will pay 50%

A word about lower priced records. Generally if a record has a retail price of £10 or less then it is either not particularly saleable and in high demand  or there are many copies around, which means it was produced by the thousands. Let’s say you had a pile of these records which collectively had a retail value of £100…I would be very unenthusiastic about giving you £10 for the lot! In general my payment scale for classical records wanted above is for vinyl I know I can sell and that won’t hang around on my shelves for too long.

As well as classical records wanted, we also buy other genres of music: Rock and Popular Music, Jazz, World Music, Soul and Motown, etc.

I regret that we do not buy Easy Listening or Country & Western LPs.

If you have any records to sell, please use the contact form, or click here, or phone us on: 01903 209553 / 07989 974232

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