About us

Classical vinyl LP records enthusiasts and record dealers

We have been collecting and selling vinyl for over 15 years and we are the largest dealers in the UK. Our enthusiasm for classical records springs from our conviction that the audio quality of vinyl long playing records has qualities of warmth and depth that have not been surpassed by later formats.

We have a deep appreciation of the great musical names who had their heyday at the time when vinyl long playing records were the predominant format for the  playback and enjoyment of recorded sound. Great names like Jacqueline De Pre, Leonid Kogan, Ida Haendel, David Oistrakh, Klemperer, Furtwangler, etc. (the list goes on and on!) produced may very great recordings that were released on vinyl LP.

We also hold a deep appreciation for the design and feel of old vinyl LP records. The old record labels – the Decca Full frequency Stereophonic Sound label and various logos for example – beautifully reflect the era in which they were made. In many ways they are collectible as objects as well as for the amazing sound that vinyl LP records produce.

We are always keen to acquire classical vinyl LP records so if you have a collection you would like to dispose of (those old records lurking in the loft!) please contact us for a quote. We pay the best prices for rare classical LP records, phone or email today!

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